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The type of stuff I like/long term plans

2008-08-27 10:00:44 by simbrian

Well I like customization (who doesn't?). Any game with a decent amount of customization options will get a very good review from me. People like to be unique, and games that allow our uniqueness to show are generally very popular.

For movies and animations, I can be pretty twisted so I like the really baddd jokes. Good animation helps, but if the joeks are funny I believe that the animation quality doesn't matter so much.

I'm writing a script for my own epic animation right now, even though I have no experience with flash. I figure i'll just get really good at drawing while I finish my script and then when I get around to buying flash, my first animation will make frontpage. Seriously, I have a REALLY good story here with some awesome humor. You'll love it.

Also, I love giving advice. I'm pumping my advice into a few different developers right now, so if you ever need ideas, drop me a PM and i'll give you a bunch, probably too many. I don't even want any credit. I just want to help make some good material that I can watch/play over and over again.


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